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is a Rotterdam-based media designer, researcher, and curator. With an interest in digital culture in all its complexity and foolishness, she explores topics ranging from networked images, technological mediation, to digital metaphors. She reflects upon these predominantly through curation, writing, and video.

Marijn graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in the department Media & Culture and studied Media Studies at Maastricht University.

Her work has been presented at Dutch Design Week, the Wrong Biennale, 60 Seconds Festival, PloktaTV, and her writing published at Institute of Network Cultures and Archined. For CIVA Festival she recently curated the online discourse programme ‘When I Look Through My Browser Window I Can Feel the Fresh Air’, reflecting on increasingly digitally mediated nature.

Architectural Filter Bubbles: On the Society for the Nonpreservation of Brutalism
essay published at Institute of Network Cultures on 27/10/2020

What does it mean to infiltrate the other side of the argument?

Coming from the field of design, my online feeds and timelines are flooded in aesthetics. Even after carefully picking accounts to follow and pages to like, the aestheticized image keeps on slipping through. Especially the iconic black and white Brutalist picture. It isn’t completely surprising, since a particular Brutalist Facebook group holds more than 40 of my digital friends. Brutalism photography is a celebration of its architectural rigidness, there is a certain appeal to its straight lines, awkward shapes, and obvious similarities to graphic design. Is it a building or merely a fetishized image?

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