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is a Dutch communication designer and media researcher, fascinated by the meetings, clashes, and (mis)translations between virtual and physical spaces. She sees these errors as beautifully poetic and often humourous, and reflects on them predominantly through writing and video.

Her work has been exhibited/screened at a.o. Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven), the Wrong Biennale (Valencia), A.I.R. Gallery (NYC), 60 Seconds Festival (Copenhagen) and PloktaTV (online).

In 2019 she graduated from the department Media & Culture at Design Academy Eindhoven, after which she studied Media Studies at Maastricht University.

In the Cloud(s)
video 1:14 min

The metaphorical language that is used to describe the cloud, starting with the word ‘the cloud’ itself, hides aspects of this very real, material and political entity. In the Cloud(s) brings the viewer inside this projected idea of the cloud, where serene imagery is contrasted by harhs abstract sounds. The cloud's aspects, such as it's energy use, cloud organised protests disrupted by internet shutdown and the military origin of the cloud's infrastructure, are hinted at, yet never fully disclosed.

copyright Marijn Bril, 2018