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is a media designer, researcher, and curator. With an interest in digital culture in all its complexity and absurdity, she explores topics ranging from networked images to digital metaphors. She reflects upon these predominantly through curation, writing, and (moving) images.

Marijn graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in the department Media & Culture and studied Media Studies at Maastricht University. Currently she is a graduate student at the Erasmus Mundus programme Media Arts Cultures. She has worked with the Young Curators Academy, The Wrong Biennale, CIVA Festival, IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture, and Institute of Network Cultures.

In Search of Silence's Image
essay published online at Simulacrum.nl on 27/10/2020
reading as part of the conference stiltestillness.org 27/10/2020

In a world in lockdown, many sounds are muted. There is almost no one on the streets after the curfew, no commute between home and work, no nightlife, and not a single open restaurant. Day in day out I sit in my apartment with closed windows, only once in a while I hear the zooming sound of a car passing by. Yet in this state of isolation, real stillness is still hard to find. As soon as I pick up my device, phone or computer, the imagined silence is broken. With ongoing police brutality, political turmoil, and daily reports of COVID-19 infection rates, the media feels louder than anything. In this chaos, my Twitter feed floods in opinions and counter-opinions, BBC notifies me of BREAKING NEWS on a regular basis, and my phone lights up to inform me of yet another government press conference. It is never silent on the internet.

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