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is a Rotterdam-based media designer, researcher, and curator. With an interest in digital culture in all its complexity and foolishness, she explores topics ranging from networked images, technological mediation, to digital metaphors. She reflects upon these predominantly through curation, writing, and video.

Marijn graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in the department Media & Culture and studied Media Studies at Maastricht University.

Her work has been presented at Dutch Design Week, the Wrong Biennale, 60 Seconds Festival, PloktaTV, and her writing published at Institute of Network Cultures and Archined. For CIVA Festival she recently curated the online discourse programme ‘When I Look Through My Browser Window I Can Feel the Fresh Air’, reflecting on increasingly digitally mediated nature.

Watch Me Work
Art fellowship during Computers, Privacy & Data Protection conference (01/2021)

IMPAKT and Werktank invited me as an artist fellow at PrivacySalon, during the annual CPDP (Computers, Privacy & Data Protection) conference, normally in Brussels, this year in gather.town. Throughout the conference I've presented the work-in-progress 'Watch Me Work', while having studio conversations with various speakers of the conference, with expertise in privacy, robotics, and law.

In a time of increasing workplace surveillance, labour is quantified. But, what do we measure, and why? What does the quantification of labour tell us about our perception of privacy, and how does it in turn effect productivity? If productivity can be performed through quantification, may surveilling and monitoring of employees bring about a pointlessness and hopelessness? I invite you to Watch Me Work.