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is a Dutch communication designer and media researcher, fascinated by the meetings, clashes, and (mis)translations between virtual and physical spaces. She sees these errors as beautifully poetic and often humourous, and reflects on them predominantly through writing and video.

Her work has been exhibited/screened at a.o. Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven), the Wrong Biennale (Valencia), A.I.R. Gallery (NYC), 60 Seconds Festival (Copenhagen) and PloktaTV (online).

In 2019 she graduated from the department Media & Culture at Design Academy Eindhoven, after which she studied Media Studies at Maastricht University.

We All Google Under the Same Sun
video essay 2:34 min

The arrival of the web has brought us a tool for connecting and sharing with each other. However, search engines, such as Google, particularly focus on the individual experience by tailoring to our cultural context. Therefore by default it offers a selective, singular point of view.

We All Google Under the Same Sun is a video that aims to create a larger cultural understanding of the world as it is portrayed on Google.

Starting with a seemingly irrelevant search term, the video unpacks its value within our own cultural frame of reference and reflects on how this narrative might be very different to others elsewhere. The narrative juxtaposes different cultural contexts. It highlights the search engine’s focus on providing geographically based search results, rather than considering it within the context of an increasingly interconnected world.

We All Google Under the Same Sun was streamed on Plokta TV.

copyright Marijn Bril, 2019