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is a media art curator and researcher. With an interest in digital culture in all its complexity and absurdity, she explores topics such as networked image culture, digital metaphors, and human labour and productivity in the face of technology. She reflects upon these predominantly through curated programs, publications, and interventions in the exhibition space.

Marijn has worked with IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture, the Young Curators Academy, The Wrong Biennale, CIVA Festival, and Institute of Network Cultures. Currently, she studies in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Excellence Master Media Arts Cultures, at the universities of Krems (AT), Aalborg (DK), and Łódź (PL).

Anonymous Footnoteater ((un)common grounds at iMAL)
Footnotes within the exhibition (un)common grounds at iMAL (Brussels, 14–29/05/2022) and talk It's All in The Footnotes: Notes on Curatorial Thoughts

Inspired by Google’s Anonymous Animals peeking into shared online documents, the Anonymous Footnoteater is a new creature under the sun. Quietly taking note of the working process, it jumps in and out of curatorial texts, exhibition maps, and calendars. As anonymousfootnoteater@gmail.com it has been peeking into e-mail correspondence between curators and artists from the comfort of the cc. The Anonymous Footnoteater adopts a non-linear writing process, creating footnotes to the curatorial process and the final exhibition. It contributes references, tells anecdotes, and asks questions. When the exhibition is finished, it might eat all the produced footnotes by sucking it up through its elongated snout.

(un)common grounds is curated by Josue Aliendre Carvani, Natalia Barczyńska and Valentina Bianchi, and featured the work of Line Boogaerts, Marijn Bril, Pierre Coric, Anna Godzina, Laurie-Anne Jaubert, Amber Meulenijzer, Vica Pacheco, Hussein Shikha, and Stijn Wybouw. More information about the exhibition at imal.org