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is an independent curator and researcher in the field of contemporary art with a special focus on network cultures. Her research explores topics such as systems, productivity, memes, artistic strategies, archiving, and knowledge production and materialises in the form of exhibitions, discursive programs, talks, and essays.

Marijn has curated programs and exhibitions for IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture, Art Central Rotterdam XL, The Wrong Biennale, and CIVA Festival. Her essays have been published by Mister Motley, rekto:verso, the Institute of Network Cultures, Archined, and VIEW Journal. Additionally, she has delivered talks at V2_Lab for the Unstable Media, the RE:SOURCE Media Arts Histories conference, the Young Curators Academy, and iMAL.

She holds an Erasmus Mundus Joint Excellence Master’s degree in Media Arts Cultures, awarded by the University for Continuing Education Krems (AT), Aalborg University (DK), and The University of Łódź (PL).

Are you there? (MicroPOM Transition Regimes Aalborg)
Sound intervention in the Fritz Koch Kiosk on Nytorv (Aalborg, DK, 10–11/05/2022)

Are you there? Photo: Hanna Hrynkevich

Are you there? re-imagines a former phone kiosk as a dedicated time and space for listening and connecting in a time of crisis. The project uses a simple phone call as an abstracted way to receive signals and experience distant ambiences in real-time.

Inside the 1896 Fritz Koch Kiosk on Aalborg’s Nytorv, listeners pick up the phone and experience an intimate one-to-one sonic connection. In a context of conflict and war in Europe – during which people and infrastructures are under attack – the ‘old’ medium of phone calls is an important means of communication. Going back to a time when information technologies were not yet ubiquitous, listeners are invited to bridge geographical distances and understandings through sustained focus.

Sound artists from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Colombia perform a musical composition to reflect on Russian aggression against Ukraine and the experience of war in general. During the performance, each participant will be invited inside of the kiosk and will be given an opportunity to listen to a sound performance through a real analogue phone in real-time. The project aims to encourage international audiences to pay attention to the war from a personal viewpoint and review the instability of our reality.

With sound interventions by Piotr Madej (PL), Sebastian Milewski (PL), AЙKTRONER (UA), Ricardo Arias (CO), Sk.ein (BY), Aleksandra Słyż (PL), Camilo Cantor (CO), AETHER.mcrt (UA), and Maskitol SAE (UA).

Are you there? is a collaboration between Sonia Milewska, Marijn Bril, Laura Palma, Hanna Hrynkevich, and Hugo Sant’Ana and is supported by Aalborg Universitet, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, and Aalborg Kommune. It was presented during the MicroPOM Aalborg Transition Regimes, a subformat of the Politics of Machines symposium.

Are you there? Photo: Hanna Hrynkevich

Are you there? Photo: Hanna Hrynkevich

Are you there? Photo: Hanna Hrynkevich