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is a media art curator and researcher. With an interest in digital culture in all its complexity and absurdity, she explores topics such as networked image culture, digital metaphors, and productivity. She reflects upon these predominantly through curated programs and essays.

Marijn has worked with IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture, the Young Curators Academy, The Wrong Biennale, CIVA Festival, and Institute of Network Cultures. Currently, she studies in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Excellence Master Media Arts Cultures, at the universities of Krems (AT), Aalborg (DK), and Łódź (PL).

Energy Workshop – Sip, Share, Speculate ((Dis)Connect Festival, Art_Inkubator Łódź)
Workshop (Łódź, PL, 21/01/2023)

What is it like to live in a time of crisis where resources like electricity, gas, and oil are becoming increasingly scarce and unaffordable? How does it affect academia, the arts, and activism? We invited participants to sip (tea), share (stories), and speculate (immediate futures) with us on the implications of the energy crisis. We approached energy as both a natural resource and a necessity for human vitality. The workshop provided context and tools to collectively address this urgent matter by bringing people together from various fields in Łódź and beyond. We focussed on how the energy crisis is experienced on a micro-scale and invite participants to contribute their personal and professional understandings using mind and body prompts. The workshop’s outcome was publicly presented as a research exhibition, investigating what it means to live during a time of uncertainty.

The Energy Workshop was developped and executed by Marijn Bril, Asmara Faiq, Ashma Gautam, Hanna Hrynkevich, and Sumreen Shazhad specifically for the context of the (Dis)Connect Festival Łódź.